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We will be honored to help plan your family vacation may it be a cruise, romantic travel or honeymoon. We do all the work while you get to relax and recharge.

Vacation planning should be an enjoyable experience, but with your busy schedule, you might not be able to find the time to plan a vacation. We are here to help. 

Many times, a traveler will research where they want to go by looking up blog posts recommendations, but after a while reading all of these best “100 things to do” posts can make you feel overwhelmed that the vacation never gets planned.

That is where our services come into play. Between the two of us, we have over 20 years of working in the travel industry and planning vacations for families and loved ones. We listen to your individual interest and present you with the best options for your personality and travel style. 

Our services can be used for any type of travel, but we focus on bachelorette parties, destination weddings, honeymoons, babymoons, Disney, and Universal Studios. Sunset Chases also focuses on Cruising - both river and large ships. 

Allison & Mallory Lindsly

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When you work with us, you do not need to stress or worry about planning the perfect vacation. We start by having a 30-minute consultation to discover your hopes and dreams for this vacation. Using our professional relationships with our suppliers, we ensure that you get the best accommodations and deals while fulfilling your travel goals. It is that easy! We are here for you, whether it is for a quick getaway or the trip of a lifetime.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

- Lao Tzu

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