Best Souvenirs and Gifts from New Orleans

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Whether you are figuring out what souvenir to bring back from a recent trip or you have a loved one who loves everything in New Orleans, this list will help you pick out the best souvenirs and gifts from the crescent city.

Many of these gifts need to be purchased while you are in New Orleans, but you can find alternatives online or buy directly from the shop. Many of these gifts can be paired together to make a city of New Orleans-themed gift basket for the holiday season or a secret Santa gift. 

Throughout this blog post, we strive to support local artists and avoid tourist traps and souvenir shops, but we realize that some people enjoy purchasing these items while in the Big Easy.

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Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash

Best New Orleans Souvenirs and Great Gifts

Below are some of the best souvenirs and gifts to buy while In New Orleans. If you are looking for the perfect gift, you will find it on the list below. 

Voodoo Dolls and Gris Gris potion bags

What is visiting New Orleans without buying voodoo dolls and potion bags But before you go ahead and purchase any of these items, please note that Voodoo is an art practiced by many. If you are not interested in practicing and are looking for a keepsake, ask the employee or shop owner what would be a good gift or souvenir. 

Best place to buy: Voodoo Authentica or Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo

Fleur De Lis

You can buy the Fleur De Lis on almost anything nowadays. This symbol is embedded within New Orleans Culture but is also available for many home decor items.

Best place to buy: You should be able to find Fleur De Lis Items at Fleury Girl or other souvenir shops. Local Artist Cristy Cali has some Fleur de Knot jewelry.

New Orleans Saints

Of course, the New Orleans Saints come to mind when speaking of Fleur De Lis. Anything black and gold goes when it comes to the Saints, and then the Fleur De Lis symbol.

BonFolk Socks

If you want to bring a little piece of New Orleans with you whenever you wear socks, buy a pair of Bonfolk socks. These socks are unique gifts because the designs are adorable, and for each sock you purchase, the company donates a pair of socks to one of the non-profits they partner with. 

If socks aren’t your thing, BonFolk now has adorable towels for sale, and to go along with their mission, they donate towels to various non-profits, like Animal Rescue New Orleans, that need towels. 

Best place to buy: Some local shops have Etsy stores to sell the socks online.

I will not lie; it is always food regarding what souvenirs or gifts I like to purchase. Food-themed presents are the best because they typically do not take up too much space and are fun to eat or drink!

Many food items can be purchased at a local New Orleans Grocery store. My favorite grocery stores are Zuppardo’s in Metairie, Dorgnaqu’s in Metairie, and Rouses. Rouses has a location in the French Quarter and the CBD.

Bundle of café du monde coffee

Cafe du Monde is famous for its Chicory coffee, so it has to make this list! A bundle of cafe du monde coffee is perfect for coffee lovers. Of course, this coffee goes perfectly with your morning breakfast or beignets. You might even want to buy coffee mugs for that traditional New Orleans feel. 

Where to purchase: The coffee canisters can be bought at any Cafe Du Monde or local grocery stores in New Orleans. If you need to purchase online, you can buy directly from cafe du monde or on Amazon. 

Beignet Mix from Cafe Du Monde

Of course, after Chicory Coffee comes to the Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix. If you enjoyed eating beignets while in New Orleans, buy a box or two of the mix to recreate this sweet dish at home.

Where to purchase: You can also get the mix at local grocery stores, cafe du monde, and online. Create or buy gift baskets with Beignet mix, coffee, and powdered sugar.

Hot Sauce from Tabasco or Crystal.

New Orleans, Louisiana, prides itself on its Hot sauce. Just down the road, outside of Lafayette, is Tabasco – one of Louisiana’s favorite hot sauces. Another tremendous local competitor is Crystal Hot Sauce, located outside New Orleans in Reserve. The best way to enjoy these two sauces is to buy each and see which one you want at home.

Where to purchase: Tabasco has a small country store in the French Quarter of New Orleans on St Anne Street – here, you can get much more than just hot sauce. As for Crystal Hot sauce, you can easily purchase it. I do this at the grocery store or on Amazon. If you are looking for additional hot sauces of different flavors, you can go to Pepper Palace. However, it is a chain.

Creole Seasoning

There are a few creole seasonings that you can purchase while you are in New Orleans, but my favorite would be Tony Chachere’s or Slap ya mama. These Creole seasonings are made a few hours outside New Orleans but are incorporated into many cajun foods.

Where to purchase: Like most food items, you can buy them from the local grocery store or online.


If you like sugar and nuts, Pralines will make the perfect souvenir to eat a few days after your trip. Pralines are one of the best desserts that you can purchase while in New Orleans that travel well. Pralines are also a great gift to give to your loved one – I suggest buying a dozen because they go fast.

There are a few different pralines, so if you need to know what flavor to get, make sure you buy the regular flavor. 

Where to Purchase: My two favorite places to purchase pralines are Laura’s Candies and Aunt Sally’s. You could also buy a couple of single Pralines from different candy shops in New Orleans and do a fun taste test. Southern Candymakers, near the historic french market – is another great place to buy pralines. 

Hubigs pies

Anyone who visited New Orleans before 2012 probably tasted a Hubig’s Pie. The favorite burned down in 2012, and ten years later, in 2022, the factory finally reopened, and New Orleans is going crazy to get its hands on a pie.

Since Hubigs pies have been gone from the New Orleans Culinary world for the last decade, they have to list the best souvenirs from New Orleans – Make sure you eat them by the ‘best by date.’

Where to Purchase: Hopefully, by the time you read this, the craze of buying Hubigs pies has died down, but currently, you can only get these at a few select grocery stores. Rouses, Canseco’s Dorgnac’s, Robert Fresh Market, and Zuppardo’s.

Rum made in New Orleans

Did you know that New Orleans has quite a few Rum distilleries? Because of our proximity to sugar cane fields, many delicious rum distillers popped up throughout the year.

The most unique rum I tried was the King Cake rum from Happy Raptor and the chocolate rum liquor from Roulaison.

Where to buy: My Favorite distilleries to purchase rum are Happy Raptor Distilling, Old New Orleans Rum, and Roulaison. My Favorite Louisiana rum comes from Bayou Rum Distillery in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Try going directly to the distillery for the best availability and a rum tour.

Pat O’Brien’s Souvenir Glass

Your drink comes in one of their fancy glasses whenever you go to Pat O’Brien’s. Many people love the shape of the glass. The Hurricane comes in, so it makes a popular souvenir. The glass only costs $5 if you want to purchase it online. My favorite glass is the tiny Hurricane Pony glass that could double as shot glasses. 

Cocktail & Son’s syrups

Cocktail & Son’s are all-natural, hand-crafted syrups and mixers made in New Orleans and produced with Louisiana sugar cane! The husband-wife team decided they wanted to produce syrups with natural ingredients, local produce, and actual sugars. These Syrups and Mixers are my favorites to make cocktails at home with. 

These Syrups are available in many places throughout New Orleans, and you can buy them at some local shops in the United States. 

New Orleans Themed books

A perfect gift or souvenir is a New Orleans-themed book. These books can be found throughout the many bookstores of New Orleans or online retailers like Amazon. Below are a few books I’ve read about New Orleans and enjoyed.

Beyond Bourbon St.: An Insider’s Guide to New Orleans

By Mark Bologna

Mark is a New Orleans native and an avid podcaster and Instagrammer around New Orleans, and he wrote Beyond Bourbon St: An insider’s guide to New Orleans! This fabulous book is perfect for reading before, during, or after a vacation. It can make a wonderful gift.

Very New Orleans: A Celebration of History, Culture, and Cajun Country Charm

by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler

This adorable hardcover book explores everything from the Garen District to Bourbon Street. What I love about this book are the lovely sketches and the detail on everything Very New Orleans.

New Orleans Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the Big Easy 

By Sarah Baird

If you enjoy reading cocktails and history – this book by Sarah Baird is perfect. With more than 100 cocktails that you can study (and make), you will be able to wow your friends with your cocktail skills at your next party.

Cajun Cooking (Book 1) – From the kitchens of south Louisiana 

My mom was given this cookbook as a wedding present, and we still use it today. Initially published in 1980, this book has 400 best cajun recipes. Need to learn how to make New Orleans Food Bucket List favorites like Jambalaya, Chicken & Okra Gumbo, and Cochon de Lait? This book will help you out!

Tujague’s Cookbook: Creole Recipes and Lore in the New Orleans Grand Tradition

By Poppy Tooker

If you want to make your creole cuisine, look no further than purchasing a book from a local restaurant Tujague’s. Author, Poppy Tooker, is a famed author and culinary historian in New Orleans, and she hosts a popular podcast.

New Orleans voudou priestess

By Carolyn Morrow Long

Marie Laveau is wildly famous throughout New Orleans – in the face of her grave is rumored to be buried in St. Louis Cemetery No 1. If you want to separate the facts from the fabrications about Laveau’s background, this book is for you.

The Last Madam: A Life In The New Orleans Underworld

By Christ Wiltz

French Quarter legend, Norma Wallace, is known as the Last Madame of New Orleans. In 5 years, she went from a streetwalker to a madam at the most famous prostitution house in New Orleans. This book is based on tapes Wallace recorded right before her death.

If you visit during Carnival Season, Twelfth Night- Fat Tuesday, make sure you pick up some fun Mardi Gras-related souvenirs. Even though you can purchase most of these souvenirs year-round, carnival season is the best time to get the souvenirs.

Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras Masks are some of the cutest things you can add to your Mardi Gras Costume or bring home as a unique souvenir. Masks are traditionally worn by Carnival riders in the parade but can also be worn by people waiting on the parade route. Masks purchased in New Orleans are also great to wear to any masquerade balls back home!

Where to purchase: Maskarade on 630 St Ann Street is a great Mask Store to buy a Mardi Gras mask or bring it home as a gift or souvenir.

Mardi Gras Beads

As a New Orleans Local, the only acceptable time to wear Mardi Gras beads is during or after a parade! Most of the time, tourists who come during Mardi Gras can catch enough drips to bring them home as Souvenirs and gifts.

Where to purchase: I want to avoid steering you astray but only buy beads in New Orleans if you plan on throwing them from a parade or balcony!) If you want to purchase beads, The Mardi Gras Masquerade in the Outlet Collection at the Riverwalk is the best place for tourists to buy some beads.

King Cake

One of my favorite things about carnival season is King Cake. However, you must wait to eat it before Twelfth Night or on Ash Wednesday! While you are in town, make sure to eat as much King Cake as possible, but also buy one to bring home (if you can’t eat all of the king cake while at home, most freeze beautifully).

Watch out for the plastic baby when bringing this sweet treat home to friends who may not understand!

Where to purchase: I have a blog post on the best places to buy King Cake, but hands down, Haydel’s Bakery is my favorite. They have a few pop-ups, and they also ship King Cakes. Another local favorite is a King Cake from Manny Randazzo bakery. You can also order King cakes from Goldbelly if you still need to grab one before heading to the Airport.

Mardi Gras Shirt

My Favorite thing to wear during Mardi Gras is super cute Mardi Gras Shirts. Most people swear by the name-brand Perlis Shirt, but I prefer my Vintage local Grocery Stores shirt from the 80s! Either way, you cannot go wrong with buying a few of these shirts.

Where to purchase: Perlis has the best selection of Mardi Gras Shirts and Dresses, and the shit is good quality. As long as you don’t gain (or lose) weight, you can wear the same shirt for years and years to come. However, you can buy a similar shirt on Etsy.

Where to shop in New Orleans for Souvenirs and Gifts

Sometimes you need an idea of where to purchase Souvenirs and Gifts from New Orleans. Strolling into any of these streets or stores will help you buy gifts. You will have a great time walking into these shops and small businesses.

Magazine Street

Magazine Street is known for its miles of shopping, eateries, bars, and art galleries. If you want to support a small business, you are bound to find one you like on Magazine Street. One of my favorite local makers is Casey Langteau Art. Her original artwork oil paintings are just stunning, and she also has prints and cups with her beautiful designs. You will also find various antique shops and vintage clothing stores up and down this street.

Fleurty Girl

If you are looking for the best new Orleans gifts and souvenirs, Fleurty girl is a one-stop shop. From novelty t-shirts to household goods, Fleurty Girl has it all. Fleurty Girl has eight locations, including one in the Airport for any last-minute gifts or souvenirs.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is in the heart of the french quarter and is one of the best places to find local artists. Many artists sell their paintings around Jackson Square daily, but you are bound to find more artists on the weekend. If art is your thing, or you see something that strikes your fancy, you better buy it because there is no telling if that particular artist will be at Jackson Square for your next vacation.

Faulkner House Books

Down the alley from Jackson Square is Faulkner Books. It is the perfect little bookstore to find a treasured book about New Orleans or that rare book your bookish friend has been searching for. You can find many works by William Faulkner.

Mignon Faget

Mignon Faget makes the perfect gift for those who love silver or gold jewelry. I have quite a few pieces of Mignon Faget from the 90s and early 2000s, which stand up to the test of time.


Some New Orleans creates and artists sell their goods on Etsy instead of in local markets. When searching on Etsy, ensure the artist is clearly from New Orleans or Louisiana to ensure you get a great New Orleans Product.

Dirty Coast

Dirty Coast is another store that New Orleans Natives love. It is the perfect new Orleans gift shop. You can grab a novelty t-shirt, New Orleans-scented candles, and adorable items for your house. 

New Orleans Souvenirs and Gifts

Please find the perfect gift or souvenir from New Orleans with the help of this blog post. If you purchased any gifts or items from New Orleans while you were back home, please let m know in the comments below.

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