What is Virgin Voyages Passport Requirements?

If this is your first cruise with Virgin Voyages , you will want to make sure that you have a passport and that it is valid. Virgin Voyages prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of all passengers.

Passports are also one of the best ways of identification for international travel, ensuring all sailors have valid identification and paperwork.

Preparing For Your Voyage: Passport Tips And Advice

1. Apply for your passport before booking your cruise  2. Verify the validity of your passport. 3. If your passport only has a few months left on it,  renew it early  4. Ensure that there are no wear or tear   5. Maintain the security of your passport throughout your journey  6. Upload your passport on the shiny new sailor app during the pre-sail process of checking in for your cruise!

Passports are required for all international destinations and cruises involving air travel outside of the U.S.

Generally, you only need your cruise I.D. or cruise card to get off the cruise boat.

What Happens If You Get Left Behind On A Cruise Without A Passport? After seeing the ship sail away, the first thing to do is to head to the nearest embassy and have them assist you.