You Should Get a Carnival Cruise Honeymoon Registry

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A wedding registry can be one of the most exciting things about wedding planning, but planning a honeymoon gift registry can be even more fun – if you know where to register! Think about it, if you are getting married later in life, or already own too many pieces of kitchenware, what is better than having your loved ones help pay for your bucket list honeymoon than with a honeymoon registry?

Did you know that the Carnival Cruise line goes to more places than the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Bahamas? Yes! Your guests can contribute to your honeymoon registry so you can go to wonderful destinations like Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand for your honeymoon.

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What is a honeymoon registry with Carnival Cruise?

The honeymoon registry with Carnival Cruise is perfect for someone who is planning a romantic getaway cruise with their loved one. It is the perfect free registry for those people who prefer travel gifts in lieu of gifts. A honeymoon registry is also good if the couple is having a full-service wedding on Carnival Cruise and do not want their wedding guests to have to worry about bringing physical gifts to the special occasion.

I am having a destination wedding on Carnival Cruise – can I sign up for a Carnival Cruise Honeymoon Registry?

Yes! If you are planning on getting married or doing vow renewals on Carnival Cruise, you can still use the honeymoon registry to help assist with paying for your special day. This is the perfect way for your guests to purchase memories that you will cherish and they will not have to travel with a gift.

Photo by jonathan leonardo on Unsplash

How do I sign up for a Carnival Cruise honeymoon registry?

Signing up for a Carnival Cruise Registry is super easy. Just head on over to Carnival’s Website and sign up! When you sign up for the registry you also get a free wedding website!

You simply enter your information, your partner’s information, the wedding date, honeymoon date, honeymoon destination, and how you heard about the registry (please say Travel Agent – Sunset Chasers Travel Agency!).

Once you sign up you are on your way to adding gifts to your registry!

What can I sign up for on a Carnival Cruise Honeymoon wishes registry?

Carnival Cruise made the perfect honeymoon registry a breeze! In the comfort of your home, you can sign in and sign up so family members can begin purchasing a memorable gift instead of another piece of kitchenware.

If you are short on time, you can do a one-click registry and add a couple of events and excursions to your list in increments of $25.

One-click registry includes a total of $500 automatically added to your registry, but do not worry, you can choose your own gifts on honeymoon wishes.

Example of One-click Registry

2 x Shore and Land Excursions Contribution – Mexico$25
2 x Drinks by the Pool $25
2 x Specialty Restaurants$25
2 x The Chef’s Table$25
2 x Cucina Del Capitano$25
2 x Carnival Cruise Onboard Credit$25
2 x Carnival Cruise Trip Contribution$25
2 x Photos of Our Honeymoon Cruise$25
2 x Aroma Stone Massage$25
2 x Aroma Spa Seaweed Wrap & Massage$25
The total amount of Carnival Cruise Honeymoon RegistryCredits $500
An example of how the One-Click Registry will work for Carnival Cruise Honeymoon Registry.
Photo by Brandon Nelson on Unsplash

What categories are on the Carnival Honeymoon Wshes registry?

There are three main wedding gift categories that your guests can choose from on the website when purchasing from your account. They are Unique Ideas, Dining, and Entertainment/Activities.

To make your honeymoon even more special, make sure to add on the option for guests to purchase spa services, Drinks by the Pool, romantic specialty dining, Shore excursions, and of course credits at the Casino Table Games!

Do not forget to add a few quantities towards the total Carnival Cruise Onboard Credit! These onboard credits will come in handy if you want to book an extra spa session or specialty dining!

There is a little bit of something for your guests to help make your honeymoon a dream.

Are my guest actually buying these experiences on Carnival Cruise or are they onboard travel Credits?

Technically the perfect vacation is different for everyone and on carnival cruise lines they want to make sure the wedding couple can have a fun vacation of a lifetime. If the couple is placing a request for a massage or spa services on their carnival registry and then decide later they would rather use that cash for fun activities like drinks at the pool or a bottle of wine – have no fear! All gift money will show up as onboard credits so that the sailing guests will have a great experience no matter what they decide to do with the money

Still not sure if the Carnival Cruise line honeymoon registry Is for you?

Just answers a few quick questions for me. Are you going on a Carnival Cruise for your honeymoon? Is this honeymoon going to be soon after your wedding? Are you hoping to not receive a weird gift from your great aunt? Do you have a dream destination for your honeymoon that you are hoping the honeymoon registry can help fund?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Carnival Cruise Line honeymoon registry is good for you! If you haven’t booked your ship to set sail yet contact Sunset Chasers Travel Agency so we can help plan that Dream Cruise!

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