12 Reasons why you should use a travel agent to plan your Honeymoon

12 Reasons why you should use a travel agent to plan your Honeymoon

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! But now, even with all of the planning, you need to plan the trip of your lifetime – your honeymoon! You only get one chance to have a honeymoon so you might as well make it as uniquely yours as possible!

Many people wait about a year to get married after they are engaged, and start planning a honeymoon can take just as much time! You will want to start thinking about your honeymoon as soon as you are engaged and planning about 6-8 months before you go on your trip. Much of this has to deal with if you are going out of the country or getting the best deal on airline flights.

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12 reasons why you should use a travel agent to plan your honeymoon

1. Travel Agents know all about travel restrictions and complications

Let’s face it, travel changed in 2020 and there are a ton of travel restrictions and complications out there! Our expert advice will assist you in choosing the best travel destination and we are able to research and inform you if the destination has any restrictions for health or political reasons.

2. Travel Agents are affordable

Yes, Travel Agents are affordable because they are experts in their field and charge low service fees for planning. Travel Agents earn the rest of their salary by earning a commission from the resort or cruise line you book with.

The small fee structure assists with booking flights and tours that are not commissionable but think about all of the free time you save by not having to research everything.

These fees help go towards your Travel Agents education and expertise. Also, travel advisors are the best way to get the best price on your amazing honeymoon.

3. We will stick within your budget

One thing that can derail any vacation, much less a honeymoon is a budget. It is extremely easy to go over budget and book tours and excursions on a whim, but with a travel agent, we will discuss how much money you are willing to spend on the honeymoon.

Our plan is to give you realistic expectations on staying within that budget range. Leave all of your honeymoon planning to us!

4. We can help you with a payment plan

Speaking of a budget – if you do not want to put the entire honeymoon on a high-interest credit card, we can help with a payment plan. Payment plans allow you to keep your interest rate low and make that luxury vacation a reality.

5. You already planned a wedding

Honestly, after months of planning a wedding, all you want to do is relax and enjoy the first few moments of married life. A travel consultant can take down all of your wants and wishes, along with a budget, and give you that personal touch.

During a stressful time, you do not need to go through an additional planning process.

6. Let us find your dream destination

One of the most stressful things when planning a honeymoon is where should you go? Should you just relax by the beach at an all-inclusive resort?

Should you squeeze in a few destinations by cruising? Or do you want to explore another country with a land tour? A great travel agent can assist with these plans.

7. One of a kind itinerary

There is nothing worse than thinking you are going on a romantic, one-of-a-kind honeymoon and finding out that you went on the same vacation as everyone else.

A travel agent can determine your perfect destination and make a one of a kind itinerary while giving you the VIP treatment. Our travel packages are great deals designed for your specific interests.

8. Travel agents can help with airport transfers

One thing that couples tend to forget to book while traveling is airport transfers! Not everywhere can you just rent a car or jump into an Uber or Lyft and make it to the resort.

Booking with a reputable travel agent will let you know when you should book airport transfers.

9. Booking with us comes with perks

Yes – booking with a travel agent could give you extra perks than booking directly with a resort or cruise online!

Since travel agents have years of experience and great relationships with different resorts, tours, and cruise lines additional perks could be on the table for your trip of a lifetime if you book with Sunset Chasers.

10. A great resource while traveling

Not only is a travel agent wonderful during the planning phase, but they are a great resource while traveling. If for some reason you miss a flight or get stuck in a foreign country, your travel agent will give you peace of mind by rebooking you when you are short on internet service.

We want you to have the best experience while you are on your romantic getaway.

11. We can help with travel insurance

Not that we want to think of any disasters but your travel agent will assist you in purchasing travel insurance in case anything crazy does happen while you are on your vacation of a lifetime.

12. Even if your honeymoon is months after your wedding we are here for you

It is not uncommon that people to wait to travel for their honeymoon. A Travel Agent is there for you whether you want to book the honeymoon immediately after the wedding or months later.

They can even help you book a small staycation a few days after your wedding to just get away.

Again, congratulations on your wedding! I am so happy for you and super excited to start the next step of planning your honeymoon!

Sunset Chasers is a full-service Travel Agency focusing on bringing honeymoon travel to the next level. If you are ready to book your honeymoon with Sunset Chasers, please fill out this intake form so we can make sure we have all of the best information ready to plan the perfect honeymoon for you and your spouse! 

Plan your honeymoon with a travel agency today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a travel agent?

There are many advantages of using a travel agent. You are hiring an expert is knowledgeable about everything that is going on in the travel industry.

A travel agent is a convenient service that may help you recover some cost savings from travel. When you hire a travel agent, you may decrease your stress because you no longer have to make all of the decisions.

Is it worth it to use a travel agent?

Travel agents are useful if you are traveling on a bucket list trip, honeymoon, cruising or going to a theme park like Disney and Universal Studios.

The agent has access to multiple suppliers to assist with getting you the best price, and a few surprises, to make your trip that much more special.

Why use a travel agent instead of booking online?

Using a travel agent instead of booking it on your own online will alleviate the stress of planning your trip. The travel agent is able to ask you qualifying questions to help determine your interests, budget, and time frame of how long you want to go on vacation.

Do you pay more using a travel agent?

Travel agents do charge a small plan-to-go fee, but you do not generally pay more to use a travel agent. Travel agents have access to unpublished rates, various suppliers, and extra perks that the public doesn’t generally have access to when booking online.

Do travel agents charge a cancellation fee?

Some travel agents charge a cancellation fee. Many travel agents’ full salaries come from commissions so when a trip is fully canceled the travel agent would not be able to earn a salary, even though they planned a full vacation.

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