Can you use Disney store gift cards at Disney world?

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Discount Disney Gift Cards are one of my favorite ways to pay for anything Disney. But you might be confused as to why someone would want to buy Disney Gift Cards and where you can spend them.

You can purchase Disney gift cards in multiple places, but discounted Disney Gift Cards are an easy way to save money on any Disney Trip.

Did you know that your gift cards are redeemable at, Disney Store locations in the United States, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney? Good News – the Magic of Disney is that they created one gift card that is accepted at many places!

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Where can you buy Disney Gift Cards?

You can purchase Disney Gift cards from many significant realtors and grocery stores- but if you are looking to save money on your Disney Vacation, you want a Disney gift card discount! There are a few different stores where you can purchase Disney Gift Cards.

Ways to buy Digital Disney Gift Cards

There are additional ways to purchase Disney Gift card deals through websites like This is not my favorite way to buy discounted gift cards because I would prefer my gift card purchases to come from a big box chain like Target or Sam’s Club.

How to save even more money on Disney Gift Cards

A good rule of thumb when using a rotating cashback credit card is to use the card that will give you the most cash back when buying these cards. Most guests will purchase their Discounted Disney Giftcards through Sam’s Club or BJs, but if your credit card gives you cash back for these purchases, you can save even more money to put towards your vacation.

My Method To Save Money on Disney Cruises

Anytime one of my credit cards, like my Discover It Card, has a higher cashback value, I make sure to stock up on Disney Gift Cards. For a recent cruise, I saved nearly 13.6% on my gift cards.

I spent $1,535.84 on 16 $100 gift cards – that is a 4% savings! Since Discover It had 10% cash back for Warehouses up to a $1,500 spend, I then earned 10% cash back on the $1,535.84, which saved me an extra $153.58.

Overall I spent $1,382.26, $1,6000 for Discounted Disney Gift Cards for my Disney Cruise – and overall savings of 13.6%. With savings like that, there is a whole world of possibilities of how many times I can cruise or go to Disney World.

Disney Gift Card Deals like the one above are attainable. You need to make sure you are paying attention to your credit cashback policy. Fair warning, I am not here to teach you about budgeting and debit, but when purchasing discounted Gift cards on Credit, please make sure you are not paying interest on the Gift Cards because then you will lose all savings.

Can you use Disney store gift cards at Disney World?

You can use a Disney Store gift card at Disney destinations, including Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® resort, and Disney Cruise Line. The Disney gift card can be used for your entire Disney World Vacation!

What can you buy with Disney Gift Cards?

If you are looking to plan a vacation with Disney Gift cards – you are in luck. Disney Gift cards can pay for your Disney Vacation packages, can be used towards theme park tickets, and pays for many things at Disney Springs and all things Disney.

How to combine Disney Gift Cards?

Disney Vacations can err on the side of expensive, so the best tactic when paying with Disney Gift cards is to go to the Disney Gift Card Website and combine your gift cards. You can combine smaller denomination cards into one larger card for up to $1,000.

If you are concerned with how much money is on your Gift Card, log into the Disney Gift Card site and plug in some information to see how much is left on the card.

How to pay with Disney Gift Cards?

If you are working with a travel agent, like Sunset Chasers Travel Agency, the easiest way to pay for a Disney Vacation with gift cards is to take photos of the cards, with the security code exposed, and they will apply it to your account.

No matter how you spend your gift cards, it is advisable to keep all gift cards and proof of purchase until your travel is completed. Once travel is complete, you can then destroy the card.

Can You Add Disney Gift Cards to a Magic Band?

If you would like to use our Disney Gift Cards as a form of payment on your Magic Band in the Disney Parks – you will need a little Disney Magic to make sure the purchases go through. Visit the Front Desk at your Disney hotel resort and let the cast member know that you want all expenses charged to your account to be debited from your Disney Gift Card.

Can you pay for food with Disney Gift Cards?

Guests dining at a Disney location restaurant can use Disney Gift Cards to pay for food! Disney Gift Cards can be used at table service restaurants, quick service restaurants, and marketplace booths at Epcot Festivals.

Some restaurants do not accept Disney Gift Cards as payment. If you dine at a restaurant that does not accept Disney Gift Cards, please ensure that extra payment is ready.

What can Disney Gift cards pay for on a Disney Cruise?

One of the best things bout a Disney Cruise is that once that final payment is paid – there are only a few things you would need to pay for on board. Disney Gift Cards are perfect if you want to pay for Disney Port Adventures, Disney Tips, Dining at Palo, and extras like booze seminars.

I do not recommend using a Disney Gift card to place a hold on your placeholder cruise. If you need to cancel that placeholder cruise, you would want the funds returned to a gift card. You are getting such a great discounted rate on the Placeholder Cruise that you can save the Gift Card for future purchases.

Can people gift me Disney Gift cards?

People can gift you Disney Gift cards for any reason! Whether it is a honeymoon, Disney Cruise, or to save money for your next trip to Walt Disney World – friends and family can gift you Disney Gift Cards. I recommend that when purchasing Disney Gift Cards, you buy the physical card to give to the card user.

Do Disney Gift Cards Expire?

Disney Gift Cards do not expire. The remaining balance will stay on the physical gift cards you did not redeem, and this is a great way to start saving for your next Disney vacation!

Can I use my Disney Gift Cards outside of the United States?

Gift Cards purchased in the United States can only be used in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico as well as The gift cards are not accepted at any of the international parks.

Does Costco Sell Disney Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Costco does not sell Disney Gift Cards, but they sell gift cards to the Landry’s Restaurants Chain, which can be used at T-Rex Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, and Yak & Yeti in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you plan on eating at these or any other restaurants in Landry’s portfolio, this may be good cost savings.

Can You Use Disney Gift Cards at Universal Studios?

Unfortunately, even though both theme parks are in Orlando, Disney Gift Cards cannot be used at Universal Studios.

Disney Gift Cards

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