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A cruise for bachelor party is an excellent way for you to get all of your best friends together and do one big hurrah before the wedding. To get the most bang for your buck and the best experience for a bachelor party keep reading.

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Cruise Ports and Airport Codes

One of the first things you need to decide is where do you want to go on your bachelor party cruise and if you are flying to drive to the destination. The best amount of time for a bachelor party is a Friday-Monday cruise so try to pick somewhere that is close by, or that you can easily take a flight to.

Below is a list of all of the Cruise Ports in the United States of America. My favorite ports to sail out of for Eastern or Western Caribbean cruises are New Orleans, Miami, and Port Canaveral. New Orleans and Miami and great places to kick off the bachelor party before weekend cruises, and Port Canaveral is good for a variety of cruise ships and itineraries.

If you do not live in the south, or cannot drive or fly to Louisiana or Florida, below are all of the Cruise Ports in America.

StateCityPort LocationAirport Code
AlabamaMobilePort of MobileMOB
CaliforniaLong Beach Port of Long Beach LGB
CaliforniaLos AngelesPort of Los Angeles LAX
CaliforniaSan DiegoPort of San DiegoSAN
CaliforniaSan FranciscoPort of San Francisco SFO
FloridaTampaPort of Tampa TPA
FloridaPort CanaveralPort CanaveralMLB, MCO, SFB
FloridaMiamiPort of Miami MIA
FloridaJacksonvilleJAXPORT Cruise Terminal JAX
FloridaFort LauderdalePort EvergladesFLL
HawaiiHonoluluHonolulu Harbor, OahuHNL
LouisianaNew OrleansPort of New Orleans MSY
MarylandBaltimorePort of Baltimore BWI
MassachusettsBostonPort of Boston BOS
New Jersey BayonneCape Liberty JFK, LGA, EWR
New YorkNew YorkPort of New York – BrooklynJFK, LGA, EWR
New YorkNew YorkPort of New York – ManhattanJFK, LGA, EWR
OregonPortlandPort of Portland PDX
Puerto RicoSan JuanPort of San JuanSJU
South CarolinaCharlestonPort of Charleston CHS
TexasGalvestonPort of Galveston IAH, HOU
US Virgin Islands St ThomasCharlotte Amalie HarborSTT
VirginiaNorfolkPort of Norfolk ORF
WashingtonSeattlePort of Seattle SEA
A list of all of the cruise ports and airports in The United States of America.

Planning a Bachelor party at Sea

Good News – planning a Bachelor Party at Sea doesn’t have to be hard! Sunset Chases is here to help you through the process. We recommend sailing on Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean Cruise line when it comes sailing. These Cruises have disembarked from many ports throughout the United States.

Depending on how much time your krewe can take off for a Bachelor Party, the best cruises can last from a quick weekend getaway to an entire 7-night escape.

What daytime activities to do on a Cruise?

Cruises have two different types of day activities – Sea days and Port days. Sea days are perfect for lounging around the ship, swimming at the pool, or even getting spa treatments. Port days are so much fun because you are allowed off the boat to explore a new destination.

Sea Day Activities on a Cruise

Depending on which ship your crew decides to cruise on, there are tons of activities to fill up your Sea days.

During the day, you could entertain yourself in a number of ways from lounging in the hot tubs to sliding down the water slide. There are so many activities to entertain you. The easiest way to see what is going on is to check to see what onboard activities the cruise hosts.

From Live music to hanging on the pool deck, there are a number of activities to fill in your sea days.

Port Day Activities on a Cruise

A day in port can go one of two ways, you can book an excursion with the cruise line or a tour operator before you even leave for the trip. Or you can walk around and find a local on the deck who is willing to entertain you.

I prefer to book either an excursion from the cruise ship or a tour operator before leaving for the cruise. There are so many things you can do besides just lounging on the beach.

From snorkeling, boating, and jet skiing, water adventures are just a few of the activities that you and the guys can go on.

Since this is a bachelor party, you may want to do something outdoorsy which would include hiking, ziplining, or checking out the local sights.

Nightlife Activities on a Cruise ship

Since much of your Nightlife will be confined to the cruise ship, you will want to know what to do! Cruises are perfect for the night owl because there are casinos, nightclubs, bars, and other fun activities to do at night.

There is a lot of entertainment, from Broadway-style shows to comedians.

There are formal nights on the cruise – this is the perfect night to dress up with the guys and attend one of the specialty dining areas and then spend the wee hours of the night dancing the night away.

Carnival Cruise Line is known for their Havana Bar. The Havana Bar has amazing mojitos and dance music. Unfortunately, not all of Carnival’s Ships have a Havana Bar. Don’t worry, if you are on a Carnival Ship that does not have Havana Bar there will be a unique themed nightclub.

Royal Caribbean definitely had the bachelor party group in mind when designing its nightclubs. They have south beach-style clubs with go-go dancers, DJS, and neon parties. You might find yourself in a dance party while on Royal Caribbean.

The Norwegian Cruise line has more of a swanky atmosphere with a Vegas-style Bliss lounge without the casino atmosphere.

Where to Eat on a Bachelor Party Cruise

Dining on a cruise ship is like nothing else, there are so many restaurants for you to choose from no one should go hungry. From a lunch buffet to casual American fare, to a classy specialty restaurant dinner. No one will go hungry while on this bachelor cruise.

But did you know you don’t always have to eat in the main dining room while on a cruise? One thing that we suggest is on the formal night or the last night, reserve space to have dinner at one of the specialty restaurants. You will want to work with your travel agent to make sure you can get the best restaurant booked for your ship!

What to Drink on a Bachelor Party Cruise

Do you want to make this bachelor party a booze cruise? Then look no further than the different drink packages on each cruise!

Each cruise line allows you to bring a limited number of Wine and Champagne bottles on board. I highly suggest bringing a few bottles of champagne to celebrate the wedding and start off the cruise with a fun party atmosphere.

Before your departure, make sure the Best Man has the proper number of Champagne (or wine!) bottles for your krewe.

You will need to do a cost analysis of how much your and your krewe actually drink, but some of the best options for bachelor parties is to get the unlimited drink package. The drink packages on most cruise lines are a great option to make sure you have all of the wine, beer, cocktails, and soft drinks you want!

Carnival Cruise Line Alcohol policy

On embarkation day, guests 21 and older are allowed to bring one bottle of sealed/unopened wine or champagne per person in their carry-on luggage.

The Carnival Cruise Cheers! The package starts at $59.95 per person, per day where you can drink cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass including sodas, coffees and teas. There is a limit of 15 drinks per day on Carnival Cruise.

Royal Cruise Line Alcohol policy

On Embarkation Day, guests 21 and older are allowed to bring two bottles of sealed/unopened wine or champagne per stateroom in their carry-on luggage.

Royal Caribean’s deluxe Beverage package ranges from $63-89 per day per person where you can drink cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass including sodas, coffees, and teas.

Norwegian Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

On Embarkadation day, guests 21 and older are allowed to bring as many bottles of sealed/unopened wine or champagne as they want in their carry-on luggage.

Norwegian’s Premium Beverage Package and Premium Plus beverage package range from $99-$128 per person per day where you can drink cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass.

If your cruise goes to Great Stirrup Cay, NCLs private island, you will also get free drinks here!

When should you go on a Bachelor Party Cruise?

The best time to take a Bachelor Party cruise is during spring break if you are on the Gulf Coast or Mardi Gras if you are leaving from New Orleans. Spring break is perfect if you want to meet cute girls or meet up with a bachelorette party cruise.

Mardi Gras is a great time, if you are sailing out of New Orleans because you can spend a few days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras then set to sail with your closest friends to keep the party going.

When Should I go on a Bachelor Party Cruise if I’m on a Budget?

If you are on a budget and you are looking for the best time to go try booking a cruise after spring break but before the kids get out of school. Typically the last two weeks of April-First two weeks of May will be more affordable.

Early fall is another great time to cruise, kids are back in school so there will be fewer families on the cruise, but just make sure you book Travel insurance because hurricane season lasts from June 1 – to November 30.

No matter when you decide to go on a cruise for your bachelor party, it is best to purchase travel insurance. Sure, some of the cruises might not be that expensive, but if a hurricane brews in the Caribbean or if the best man’s flight is canceled and he cannot make the trip, travel insurance will cover you.

What to pack for the Bachelor Party cruise?

Packing for a cruise can be a little difficult because you cannot just run down to the drugstore to grab whatever you need. There are many items for sale on the cruise ship but those can be very expensive.

Since most bachelor party cruises will include great destinations with white sandy beaches this list will plan for that.

  1. Packs of bottled water – If your cruise allows you to bring your own bottled water onto the ship make sure to pack it. Hydration is key when the unlimited drink package acts like an open bar.
  2. Hydralyte – Bring at least one per person per day – you will be drinking and partying in the sun!
  3. Condoms – This is a bachelor party – some people enjoying the single life may need some. Enough said.
  4. Motion Sickness Medicine – this one can be tricky, no one plans to get motion sick but you need to bring some with you just in case someone in the krewe get sick.

Need more tips for what to pack on a cruise? Check out this full blog post explaining everything you need to bring on a cruise.

Which cruise line is the most fun for adults?

Each Cruise line offers something different for adults, but if you are going to pick the perfect cruise ship go with Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise for the most fun.

Do they have adults only cruises?

Yes! There are adult-only cruises. The newest adult-only cruise line to join the seas is Virgin Voyages which only allow passengers 18 years and older. Virgin Voyages may be one of the sexier cruise lines for your bachelor party.

What does adult-only cruise mean?

Adult only cruising means that everyone is over the age of 18. So even though there may be young adults on board, there won’t be any toddlers running around in your bachelor party.

Why Book a Cruise with Sunset Chasers LLC?

No matter how much time you think you have to plan your bachelor party, you might miss something. Sunset Chasers is here to listen to what you and the guys need and can tell you the different packages the cruise lines offer.

By using Sunset Chasers, you are guaranteed to have a stress-free time planning the most epic vacation of your single years. You may love what we did with your bachelor party – you might want to hire us to book your honeymoon too!

Which cruise line is best for singles?

Even though you are looking to have a good time on your bachelor party, some of the single guys in the group might want to meet a new partner for the weekend. Booking your bachelor party during a singles cruise might be the best bet for partying.

You can book a singles cruise for your age group for the best bet at meeting new people.

Are there strippers on cruises?

While there are some adult-only erotic-themed cruises for super-specific sailings, there are no strippers or massage parlors on the cruise. You will have to leave those two things to a fun weekend at home.

Do they have clubs on a cruise?

Every large, mainstream cruise line has a nightclub or designated adult section onboard its ships. If you are looking for nightlife Carnival Cruise or Norwegian are the best bet for dancing the night away. Virgin Voyages has their infamous Scarlette night and secret parties that ‘just happen’

Are you planning a Bachelor Party Cruise? | Bachelor party on a cruise | cruise for a bachelor party | Things to plan for a bachelor party | Cruises good for bachelors | Bachelor party cruise.

What is a sexy-themed cruise?

Cruisers beware.- a sexy-themed cruise might not be the best thing that you want to attend. Sexy-themed cruises are typically coded for a swinger’s event. So unless you are down with hanging out with people your parent’s age (or older) in the nude – you might not want to book this vacation.

Pros of going on a Bachelor Party Cruise

Cruises can be inexpensive – the cost of your hotel, activities, food, and drinks can be included in the price or pre-paid before you even step foot on a boat!

Only 5 people can stay in a stateroom, so make sure you book a suite or connecting rooms to fully enjoy the time on the boat.

If you are a foodie – Cruises are perfect, you could essentially eat all day long from breakfast to the fourth meal.

Cons of going on a Bachelor Party Cruise

When guys get together for a bachelor party, much of the time they get together to go to a Stirp Club or other type of entertainment. Since this is not available on the ship, some of the bros may be disappointed. But the best way to combat this is to have a day or two in a fun city like New Orleans or Miami and spend the day before the cruise hitting up strip clubs.

It could be a real gamble trying to find bachelorette parties or other single ladies on the cruise.

Which Cruise should I book for my Bachelor Party?

Honestly, out of all the cruises having a Bachelor party on Virgin Voyages is the best to have a bachelor party. Everyone on board is over the age of 18, each person can reserve a $300 bar tab and get $50 for free on their bar tab, and you can sail out of Miami for a wonderful Caribbean cruise over 4-5 days. If you are looking for something a little more exotic you can always book a seven-night Mediterranean Sea Cruise.

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