15+ Tips To Have a Hawaii Honeymoon on a Budget

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Hawaii is the perfect place for a honeymoon trip. Many couples flock to Hawaii for its beautiful views and white sandy beaches, but how does one still have a good time when they are worried about getting the best value for their Hawaii Honeymoon Budget.

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Best time to visit Hawaii for a Honeymoon

The Hawaiian islands are among the best places to Honeymoon because of their nearly year-round perfect weather. The cheapest time to visit Hawaii is February and March.

The most expensive time to visit Hawaii is December and January. Even though June and July are peak travel months, they are not the most expensive but are the most crowded.

If you can delay your Honeymoon a few weeks or months after your wedding, I suggest going in February or March to escape any cold and dreary weather that may be happening back home.

The different Islands of Hawaii

Did you know that Hawaii is made up of eight major islands? They are Oahu, Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Kahoolawe, and Niihau.

Out of those eight islands – only six accept tourists! Once you decide which Island is perfect for you, you can figure out the rest of your Hawaii honeymoon budget.

Oahu – Oahu is known as the more modern Island and is home to Waikiki Beach, North Shore, Pearl Harbor, and historical museums. Oahu is perfect for a family vacation.

This Island gets the most visitors due to its world-famous because and world-class surfing at North Shore. You can also explore the Polynesian Cultural Center while visiting Oahu.

Hawaii – People from the United States love going on road trips to experience local culture, and what better way than exploring the road tripper island. The Big Island is the Island everyone knows about.

Hawaii. The main Island is known for its tropical paradise and some of the most active volcanos: Kilauea and Mauna Loa, located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Maui – Maui is known as the more adventurous Honeymoon and is a top whale-watching destination. Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island. You can easily rent a car and drive the famous Road to Hana, which brings you to Waianapanapa State Park – home to black sand beaches and stunning waterfalls.

Lanai – Looking for a romantic getaway where you might not bump into other tourists – check out Lani. The best thing to do here is rent a car with 4-wheel drive to explore all 30 miles of paved roads on the Island.

Lanai is perfect for honeymoon couples who want to escape everything after the wedding. With only three hotels on the Island, you need the plan in advance to make sure you snag one of the guest rooms.

Molokai – Known more as the private Island, Molokai is where you go to experience Hawaii like a local. You will not find a traffic light here on this minimally-developed Island.

There are fewer hotels, shops, and restaurants, but it is home to Papokaku Beach Park, one of the most extensive white sand beaches in Hawaii.

Kauai – Looking for off-the-beaten-path adventures and nature, Kauai Is perfect for nature lovers. This Island has every landscape – Beaches, mountains, canyons, and waterfalls and is considered the Real Hawaii. You can easily spend the day at Poipu Beach Park and ride through tubes that belonged to a sugarcane plantation.

Grab your snorkel gear because this destination is abundant with wildlife and is the ideal place for adventurous honeymooners.

Niihau – I don’t know who you are, but you need a special invitation to go to one of these islands, anyone with a tight budget may not make a list. This Island doesn’t have electricity, running water, internet, or modern shops or restaurants.

Kahoolawe – Unless you are going on a mission trip, visiting Kahoolawe is against the law.

The two top islands for honeymooners would be Oahu and Maui. Oahu is generally the cheapest for travelers to visit, and it is the most modernized ad urban island. Maui has some of the best honeymoon resorts.

If you can budget your vacation for 14 days, you can easily visit the highlights of both Oahu and Maui.

Are you looking for a way to stay on budget for your Honeymoon? Check out this Honeymoon Budget printable that can help you save between $5,000-$22,500!

Price of Flying to Hawaii

The flight to Hawaii will be extended no matter where you are leaving. If you are flying from the East Coast, you are looking at a minimum of traveling for 11 hours.

Did you know that you can use a tool like Google Flights to help decide when you want to go to Hawaii? Round trip flights can range anywhere from $600-1000 depending on when you go and how far in advance you are booking your Honeymoon.

Travel Agents, like Sunset Chasers, suggest planning a honeymoon for 6-9 months to get affordable airfare rates.

Cost of hotels in Hawaii

There are so many different types of hotels you can rent while you are in Hawaii. Luxury hotels and inclusive resorts scream Honeymoon, but many Hawaii hotels can offer you access to great beaches for a great value.

The typical cost for two people to stay in Maui ranges from $2500-350 per night. If you are looking for a budget hotel without a beachfront view, the Lahaina Inn is roughly $150 and allows you to use all the amenities at Royal Lahaina, its sister resort, with access to a beach.

Transportation Costs in Hawaii

There are a few different ways to get around Hawaii. You can rent a car, take a ferry to another island, or take a flight to another island. Hawaii also has ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

A great way to save money on car rentals is by renting the car for the whole week for a lower price. A rental car will guarantee that you will see more of the Island. And no – you cannot drive from Island to Island because there are no bridges.

If you are looking to make a day trip to another island or are venturing onto another part of your Honeymoon, there is one ferry that you can take. The ferry runs from Maui to Lanai. The ferries are for people only, so you cannot bring a car with you.

The ferry ride is about 45 minutes long and has stunning views of the pacific ocean. The cost is super affordable at $30 per person to ride the ferry.

There are a few major airlines that do fly from Island to island. Hawaiian Airlines, Mokulele Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Princeville Air are the major airlines that fly to Hawaiian.

If you want cheap flights while maximizing your point-earning ability to connect between the two islands, our favorite airline is Southwest.

Our second favorite airline is Hawaiian Airlines because it has the most inter-island flights from major airports.

Save with a vacation package

Yes – you can save money by booking a vacation package. When you package a flight and hotel with a vacation package with your travel advisor, you have an opportunity to get deep discounts or fun bonus perks by booking with your agent.

For instance, booking flights and hotels together could allow the couple to use additional gift cards on a vacation package.

Hawaii Food Costs

Like all Travel destinations, food prices can vary based on the restaurants you are going to. The typical couple can expect to spend $61 per meal daily – including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hawaii Activity and tours

There is so much Entertainment in Hawaii that you cannot do at home! You can ride horseback, explore volcanos, attend a luau, or participate in water sports.

While on your Honeymoon, you should book an excursion or two so that you can remember the experience and brag to your family about the great time you had in Hawaii.

Top Tips for your Hawaii Honeymoon on a Budget

There are so many things to decide on and plan for a Hawaiian honeymoon that we’ve come up with these few tips to assist you in budgeting out your dream vacation.

1. Have a travel agent book your travel

Yes! Having a travel agent book your travel can save you time and money!

One of the best things about booking with a travel agent is that they can help you pick the perfect place for you and your honey to Honeymoon!

2. Travel during Shoulder season

Gone are the days when you need to book a honeymoon immediately after your wedding! Hawaii’s shoulder season runs from March through May and September until Thanksgiving. Be careful because Spring Break and early September can involve higher prices.

3. Consider a vacation rental

Sometimes you want to get away from it and hang out with your new partner. A vacation rental can save you money because you can rent a home away from home. Vocational rentals are a good deal if you plan on going to the grocery store and grabbing some food to cook for breakfast.

4. Book a hotel with a garden view

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your room – splurging for a beachfront view is acceptable. But if you are planning to sightsee or relax on the beach the entire time you are in Hawaii, opt for a chapter room view.

Partial views and Garden room views are just as romantic as the Ocean front room. The views are a bit different.

5. Get a car rental

Rental cars can be one of the things that make or break the bank. If you are not staying at a hotel, you may want to rent a rental car the entire time you visit Hawaii.

6. Stay for longer to maximize vacation time

This might seem backward but hear me out if you are already splurging on a Hawaiian vacation, why not stretch the budget and spend 14 days instead of 7 days.

Take advantage of that expensive airfare and add a few days to your vacation time. The price of the airfare will not change if your trip is more extended, and Hawaii is such a fantastic location to spend such a special occasion as your Honeymoon.

You can find affordable prices by booking a nice hotel or resort for the first week and switching to a lower-price house rental with a full kitchen.

7. Dine out with a lunch special

One of the favorite ways we maximize a budget while traveling is to eat only two meals a day. You can still try out the excellent food and dining options but do it at lunchtime!

One of the best ways to have lunch is to request an ocean view so you can enjoy your romantic meal while enjoying the view. Many restaurants will have the same of similar meals from dinner on the lunch menu.

8. It is acceptable to Shop at Walmart

You all know it is acceptable to shop at Walmart! Especially in Hawaii on a budget. Everything that is brought onto the Island comes by air, so many of your everyday items will be expensive.

Take advantage of Walmart’s low prices, and you may even find a deal on some Hawaiian favorites.

9. Eat Cheap and Local

Eat as the locals do! Eat from a food truck or grab a Poke Bowl from the grocery store.

I know – eating food from the grocery store doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing to do while on a honeymoon. But if you are not a foodie looking for a deal on food – this is it!

Remember, you are coming to Hawaii for the beautiful beaches, and ocean views. Swap out a few meals with cost-effective options.

10. Hit up Happy Hours

Like any hotel or bar in the United States, going to a happy hour can save you money while you are on your Hawaiin Honeymoon. Sippin on Mai Tais and eating snacks will allow you to save money at dinner because you have already had a full, happy hour.

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11. Opt for free and cheaper activities

In every tourist destination, there are always free and cheaper things to do and Hawaii Island is no different. Checking out

12. Do not Island Hop

As hard as it may be – do not Island hop! If you are spending less than five days in Hawaii it is better to pick an island that you resonate with and do not Island Hop.

The islands are so large that you can spend a lot of time exploring, relaxing, and enjoying your budget-friendly Honeymoon.

If you do decide to extend your Honeymoon past seven days, you introduce Island hopping to your itinerary.

13. Get a travel branded Credit Card

Yes! Get a travel branded Credit Card.

We love the credit card from Delta because they have great packages that can be easily put together. Also, You will earn miles and points for all future travel.

14. Ask your guests to provide you with gift cards

Did you know you do not have to have only household items on your registry? Yes! you can ask your wedding guests to help fund your trip!

By asking your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund, Hawaii has become just that much more affordable.

15. Invest in Travel Insurance

Investing in travel insurance may not seem like budget-friendly advice, but if your bag gets lost on its way to Hawaii and you need to purchase some last-minute bathing suits and clothes the travel insurance will be a good idea.

Also, you can get cancel for any reason insurance in case, for some reason, you cannot go on the Honeymoon.

Budget for a couple staying in Maui for 8 Nights

Flight$1,200-$1,600 ($600-$800 per person)
Hotel$4,400 garden view hotel room
Food and Drink$1,300 for food and booze
Luau$250 per couple
Snorkel Trip$220 for the Excursion
Total$7370 or $460 per person per day
Typical budget for a couple staying in Maui for 8 nights flying from Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions about a honeymoon in Hawaii

How much should I budget for a honeymoon in Hawaii?

Budgets have a high variability based on a lot of factors, but face it – Hawaii is not cheap. The average couple spends around $4,466 on their Honeymoon and luxury honeymooners spend $9,954.

What is a reasonable budget for Hawaii?

A reasonable budget for a trip to Hawaii is between $323-$622 per day, depending on how many luxuries you are budgeting for. The average couple should expect to spend between $5,168-$9,954 on their Hawaiian honeymoon budget.

How can I get a cheap honeymoon in Hawaii?

No matter what – Hawaii is expensive, but the best way to go on a Hawaiian honeymoon on a budget is to book the vacation on points. The second best way to get a cheap vacation plan is to hire a travel agent to do all of the research and searching for you.

Where in Hawaii is best for a honeymoon?

Hawaii is a top Honeymoon destination and bucket list destination. The white sandy beaches, island vibe, and beautiful scenery call many honeymooners to travel to Hawaii for their Honeymoon.

How Long is an average Honeymoon?

The average Honeymoon is around 8 days, but if you have the vacation time we recommend spending up to two weeks away to decompress from all of the wedding planning.

We like to budget for a whole day of travel to and from the destination and recommend that our newlyweds take off 1-2 days after their Honeymoon to decompress.

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